A Professional Knitter Interview About … You Guessed it, Me!

There is a wonderful series of professional knitter interviews done by Robin Hunter on her blog. It is called How To Become a Professional Knitter. She has interviewed many well-known knitting designers and I was thrilled when she asked to interview me. My interview is here: An Interview with…Michelle Krause. Her questions were very thoughtful and they showed that she has a deep knowledge and understanding of the knitting industry. Here are some of the topics.

Being Influenced by the Work of Other Knitting Designers

Some designers never look at the new designs of others for fear of subconsciously copying an idea, technique, or style – or being accused of doing so. On the other hand, some designers feel it is important to stay up-to-date with what others are working on in the industry and that this knowledge can be inspirational. The interesting thing about this debate is that it can also be directly applied to any creative industry – music, art, writing.

Are Knitting Patterns Being ‘Dumbed Down’?

This is another interesting knitting debate. If you check the ‘Patterns’ Forum on Ravelry you are sure to find a debate about what designers should include in patterns. Lots of detail? Fewer pages? Fewer images? Charts? No charts? The debate goes on. Part of this debate revolves around how much instruction needs to be in a knitting pattern. Are we ‘dumbing down’ patterns by explaining every technique and including tutorials? Or is that too much clutter for the experienced knitter?

K2tog: knit two stitches together...

K2tog: knit two stitches together…

Business Models, Plans, and Mentors

Many of us get into this business because we love to knit and we want to share our creativity with other knitters. But to make a profit, there are some business practices that are necessary.

Sample Knitters and Technical Editors

How much knitting can one designer really get done on her or his own (before the carpel tunnel sets in and the kids start complaining that they haven’t been fed)? Tech editing is another topic often discussed in the Designer Forums on Ravlery. Why is it important?

Knits by Michelle Krause at www.leahmichelledesigns.com

Supporting Oneself in the Knitting Business

Some lucky designers have made it to this point, with a lot of hard work, long hours, and diversification. I haven’t and that is both by choice and circumstance. But it’s still the dream!

You’ll have to read the interview to find out how I feel about these and the other topics we discussed. And thanks, Robin, for interviewing me. You have re-ignited my business passion this week and I am hard at work!

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