Working The Right Twist Stitch (RT) 101

I use the right twist stitch in several of my patterns. I love the look of it and it’s easy to work. You will see it used in these patterns:

Here’s a quick photo tutorial showing how to work this stitch.

Easy, right? The important thing to remember when working this stitch is that, even though you start by knitting two stitches together, this is not a decrease stitch. After following all of the steps you will still have two stitches in the end.

2 thoughts on “Working The Right Twist Stitch (RT) 101

    • This is a great question. Unknit it in two steps. You can think of the RT stitch as a combination of two stitches – a k2tog and then a knit stitch. Unknit the knit stitch first and then unknit the k2tog. I hope this is helpful!


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