Friday Follow-Up: Online Knitting Highlights For The Week of February 9th

The weather seems to be cold everywhere and winter accessory patterns are still popular. Here are my top picks for the week:

  • I truly love all of Melanie Berg’s shawl designs and she has five – yes, five! – new ones out with Quince & Company. The collection is called 5 Shawls.Berg_Shawls_cover_small
  • Laura Aylor has two new shawl/scarf patterns: Woodwork is a wide reversible scarf and Glace Bay is a long shallow shawl. They are both worsted weight and they are both gorgeous.
  • Thea Colman‘s cute Mint Schnapps hat looks like a quick knit in bulky yarn. Her beautifully textured Hudson Bay Set consists of a matching hat and cowl.
  • Mary Annarella has a collection out this week which includes a cowl, hat, and mittens. It’s called Dash It All!


  • There has been much social media discussion lately about Skacel Yarn‘s Fiber Factor competition. (Skacel is the company that produces Addi needles). This was a design competition where designers had to produce knitting patterns as part of regular challenges. It was modelled after the popular reality tv competition shows but this one is on the Web. When this year’s competition was announced, many indie designers took issue with the parameters of the contest. Check out this Ravelry thread in the Designers forum: Fiber Factor Season Two. It’s a super interesting discussion which brings up so many points about how knitwear designers work. Anyway, it got me interested in the designs from the first season of Fiber Factor and so I searched for them on Ravelry. Here are 23 Fiber Factor designs: Fiber Factor Ravelry Store. They are interesting and they include  sweaters, intricate colourwork designs, and fashionable accessories. Check it out.

I’m sure we can all find a favourite or two in this week’s round-up of patterns, right? I sure do wish there were more hours in the day for knitting!

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