Friday Follow-Up: Online Knitting Highlights For The Week of January 19th

I have sweater patterns on my mind these days. I am knitting away on my Birchbark for the #ultimateKAL and learning lots about sweater design as I work through the pattern. Last summer I also knitted my Sperry sweater, another top down pullover, and learned so much from that pattern too. I am itching to try my hand at sweater design! But I have a bit more learning to do. Anyway, I am really noticing the new Ravelry sweater patterns that are out this week:

  • Wolf River by Melissa Schaschwary is a bulky weight sweater designed in Cascade Yarns Ecological Wool®. I love the style – relaxed and elegant at the same time – and I love the Cascade Eco yarns. In this bulky yarn, this would be a quick knit, although I would modify it to be a bit longer. I think I’m adding this one to my ‘I Wish I Had Time to Knit This’ list.
  • Button Street by Mary Annarella is a versatile cardigan pattern. There is a short and a long version. Very cute.
  • I really like Grace Akhrem‘s Summer Ease Cardi. I always have a go-to cardigan that I wear all summer, everywhere I go. This could be a perfect choice.
  • And then there is Lanvad by Justyna Lorkowska. This is my sweater ‘pick of the week’. I absolutely love this one. It is roomy, soft, comfortable-looking. Maybe I’ll knit this one next winter??? I love it!

In other news….

  • 54 Rue du Chateau is a beautiful collection of shawls from Mary-Heather Browne, Leila Raabe, Olga Buraya-Kefelian, Michele Wang, Amy Christoffers, and Bristol Ivy.Screen_Shot_2015-01-22_at_2.22.15_PM_medium This description is taken from the Ravelry page of the collection, found here. This is such an amazing design idea!

    “A collaborative, progressive shawl project based on the game Exquisite Corpse, invented by the Surrealists in the early 20th century at a house at 54 Rue du Chateau. These shawls traveled from designer to designer over the course of seven months, and each section built upon the work of the previous designers. The final section was knit by the original designer, bringing the project full circle.”

So, it was another week of beautiful knitting patterns on Ravelry. Enjoy!

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