It’s Been A While

It’s been a while since I released a scarf pattern. This one is perfect for these last weeks of winter and first weeks of spring. It’s my Cables & Lace Scarf.

This scarf is wide and not too long. The fabric drapes softly and the cable and lace pattern adds visual interest. The eyelets give the scarf a feeling of lightness and airiness while the cable pattern lends a bit of formality. Size is adjustable. Use more yarn to make a longer scarf. Or, add or remove pattern repeats to make a wider or narrower scarf.

Malabrigo Finito, a beautiful merino wool, is the yarn used for this pattern. It’s soft, light, and feels beautiful against the skin. The colour shown here is Aguas.

As always, this pattern has been tested by my fabulous testers: MDQuilter, nj2, RabbitEars, Kowleen, Sallygayle. Their projects are here.

I hope you enjoy this one!


Another New Release!

Say hello to the Sweet Summer Shawl!

I so enjoyed working with SweetGeorgia Yarns CashSilk Lace on my Heavenly Cowl pattern that I just had to work with another SweetGeorgia Yarn. And so the Sweet Summer Shawl was born. It is designed in SweetGeorgia CashLuxe Fine and is shown here in the Mist colourway.

The Sweet Summer Shawl is knit in one piece from one end to the other. The lace edging is knit along with the body of the shawl. It is not sewn or knitted on later. It’s easy peasy! To start, fewer than 20 stitches are cast on and increases are worked every several rows for the first half of the shawl. Then decreases are worked every several rows in the second half to bring the stitch count back to the same number of stitches that were cast on. The body of the shawl is garter stitch. The lace stitches that are used are knit, k2tog, yo. So simple!

One skein of fingering or sock yarn is all that is needed to make this beautiful shawlette. The size is adjustable, depending on how much yarn is used. Weigh the yarn ahead of time, using a small kitchen scale. Half will be used for the increase section and half will be used for the decrease section. While knitting the increase section, weigh the remaining yarn every now and then to make sure that no more than half the yarn is used up before beginning the decrease section.

I also knitted the pattern with a skein of Malabrigo Yarn Sock to see what size shawlette it would make. I was able to do one more increase section and one more decrease section than the pattern calls for, making a slightly larger shawlette. So, no matter how much yarn is in the skein that you choose to use – the pattern can be adjusted to suit.


Happy knitting!


A New Release!

My newest pattern is the Heavenly Cowl!

I wanted to design something with a SweetGeorgia Yarn. SweetGeorgia Yarns is a Canadian hand-dyed yarn company with beautiful yarns and colours. I used CashSilk Lace, a silk and cashmere lace yarn. This cowl is light, airy, ethereal, … heavenly. It’s perfect for spring. And the yarn is heavenly to work with – sooo soft! This pattern is perfect for this type of luxurious yarn. We usually buy only one skein of a luxury yarn, right? This is a one-skein luxury yarn project.


This is a quick knit, but it does require attention to a few details.

This is a lace-weight yarn and it’s worked on US 4 needles. It must be blocked to open the lace pattern and to achieve the finished size. The cast-on and bind-off edges must be loose so that they stretch during blocking. When casting on, use both needles held together or a larger needle. And use a larger needle when binding off. Or, if you have a favourite stretchy cast-on or bind-off that you like to use, this is the time to use it.

It is worked in the round in one piece. That means casting on a lot of stitches and making sure that they don’t get twisted. When casting on a lot of stitches with the long tail cast on it can be hard to know how much yarn you will need. Try casting on with both ends of your yarn – like this. Keeping track of the number of stitches can be hard too. Do you find yourself counting and re-counting your cast on stitches all the time? Place markers every 10, 50, or 100 stitches to keep track. Remove them when you work the first round. Do you struggle with twisted stitches when casting on in the round? You may want to cast on and knit the first few rounds as rows, worked flat. Then join for knitting in the round and seam those first rows later.

For more tips on knitting this pattern, check out what my test knitters had to say in the test knit thread.

With attention to these details, you will end up with a beautiful light and airy cowl that can be worn long, wrapped twice, or wrapped three times around the neck.



Hot Right Now!

It’s time for a new release – and this is a hot one!


The Lacy Lady Shawlette is now available. It’s part of the Lacy Lady Collection along with the Lacy Lady Scarf. It was released yesterday and today it’s trending on It made it into the ‘Hot Right Now’ pattern list!

I hope you like this one. It’s another 1 skein Malabrigo Arroyo project and it’s a quick and easy knit. Thank you to my test knitters!! You can read their comments here.

Happy knitting!


Following A Theme

I’m having so much fun working with Malabrgio Arroyo on the Lacy Lady patterns. The Lacy Lady Scarf pattern is available now. The Lacy Lady Shawlette pattern is still being tested. Both are designed for one skein of Arroyo. These pieces were born from one small lace stitch pattern and once a theme emerges, there’s no stopping it!

My two samples of the Lacy Lady Scarf shown above are done in Candombe and Azules. The shawlette swatch (isn’t it cute?) is done in Plomo. And the third photo shows a sneak peek of my shawlette sample done in Borraja. Gorgeous colour, right?

I still have a couple more colours of Arroyo waiting to become something beautiful. Hmmm… what could be next? Stay tuned!