Changing Colours When Knitting Stripes 101

8 Simple Stripes Shawls

Knitting patterns that include different colour yarns make for beautiful projects. But does changing yarn colours make you nervous even with simple stripes? Don’t be nervous. Jump right in and choose the technique for changing colours that works best for you! … Continue reading

Grab a Deal This Month at

Get 10% off Yarn is celebrating independent knitting designers by offering a 10% discount on any yarn you purchase if you buy an independent designer pattern! They have thousands of indie designer patterns on their site (including mine!!) and they stock lots of great yarn, … Continue reading

A Professional Knitter Interview About … You Guessed it, Me!

There is a wonderful series of professional knitter interviews done by Robin Hunter on her blog. It is called How To Become a Professional Knitter. She has interviewed many well-known knitting designers and I was thrilled when she asked to … Continue reading

What Knitting Projects Am I Working On?

Top of Sleeve With Ribbing

I am working on several knitting projects right now. I always have something on the go! My #ultimateKAL Sweater I mentioned last week that I was taking part in the PlumDandi #ultimateKAL. I am knitting the Birchbark sweater in Malabrigo … Continue reading

Knitting Along in the #ultimateKAL

Birchbark Pattern

So, I might have mentioned in a recent Friday Follow-Up that I might take part in a knitalong…. Well, I decided to jump in and take part in the PlumDandi Ultimate KAL! Alicia Plummer and Melissa Schaschwary are running this sweater KAL in their Ravelry group: … Continue reading

Knitting Abbreviations: New and Updated

Screen Shot 1

I always strive to make sure that I am consistent with the knitting abbreviations in my patterns. And I always provide a list of abbreviations used in each pattern. Although knitting abbreviations are mostly consistent among designers and patterns there are … Continue reading

Knitting Books: The Knitter’s Book of Yarn by Clara Parkes

Book of Yarn

My knitting bookshelf has grown over the past several years. I am developing a wonderful selection of knitting resources now, including how-to books, pattern books, stitch dictionaries, and books on designing. I often see knitters asking for book recommendations in the … Continue reading