Friday Follow-Up: Online Knitting Highlights For The Week of November 16

This week I have discovered so many beautiful patterns that I didn’t know about just by browsing through the 335 designers who are taking part in this year’s Indie Design Gift-A-Long. The GAL has begun and 5059 patterns are included in the 25% discount that is happening now. Here are just a few of my favourites:


Stripy Ziggy Stripy Zaggy by Kate Bostwick

  • I always knit for family members at Christmas and this year it’s my 4-year-old niece’s turn to receive something knitted. I’ve been searching for a cute hat pattern and struck gold with Kate Bostwick‘s Stripy Ziggy Stripy Zaggy. I love the purple/grey/white/navy colour combo of the girl’s hat and may just use those same colours. So adorable!
  • I’ve mentioned Faye Kennington‘s patterns before and these two in particular just keep catching my eye as I look through the GAL patterns. Faye is a talented designer and I love the construction and colour choices that she uses in both Whitefish Ripples  and Waverleaf. They are awesome!

  • I have just discovered the designer Lisa Hannes in this year’s GAL. Her most recent pattern is Berry Patch, a colourful sideways garter shawl. Take a look at all of her patterns. They have such a cohesive feel to them with her colour choices, photography, and design. So pretty!


    Astragal Shawl by Simone Kereit / OwlCat Designs

  • Astragal Shawl by Simone Kereit is a sideways shawl but it stands out from all the rest because of the unique geometric pattern detail. Nice!
  • I am really drawn to the colours in the Contravene cowl by Lynn Di Cristina. This great colour combination reminds me of fall and holidays. Perfect for this time of year!
  • Birches Cowl by Jennifer Chase-Rappaport is a versatile piece that can be worn as a cowl, scarf, or small shawl. The pretty lace is balanced by the textured section making it visually interesting. Very pretty!

This is only a small selection of GAL patterns. There are 5052 more to choose from just in the sale alone! You can browse through the whole sale bundle here. Or, look through all of the designers and their eligible patterns here. Visit the Indie Design Gift-A-Long Ravelry group to find out more and to get involved in the fun and games!

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