Knitting Abbreviations: New and Updated

I always strive to make sure that I am consistent with the knitting abbreviations in my patterns. And I always provide a list of abbreviations used in each pattern. Although knitting abbreviations are mostly consistent among designers and patterns there are some differences, especially regional differences. So, I have provided my complete and updated abbreviation list for you to refer to if necessary. You can find it in the menu under the Patterns tab.

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The list contains any abbreviations that have been used in any of my patterns. Detailed explanations are provided for the stitches in the list. Links to any of my available tutorials are also provided. You can view it at that webpage, which is great for just quickly looking up an abbreviation. Or, you can download the PDF version to keep.


The PDF version contains the same list. It is a 2-page document that you can save and then print. It’s a great list to keep on hand to refer to when needed. It contains the same detailed explanations of stitches and links to my tutorials that will work when you view the document on your computer.

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The list will be updated as needed, when I publish new patterns with new stitches or abbreviations. I hope this list helps to make knitting LMD patterns even easier!

Visit the Knitting Abbreviations page now


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