Friday Follow-Up: Online Knitting Highlights for the Week of September 8th

This week saw some of the major publications putting out new issues:

  • Brooklyn Tweed published their fall collection – BT Fall 14: Fisherman-Inspired Knits for Autumn. It includes gorgeous sweaters, scarves, and hats by designers Jared Flood, Veronik Avery, Michele Wang, and Julie Hoover. Every pattern is beautiful, as always! If I had to pick a favourite, it would be Rowe by Michele Wang. The reason? Neutral grey, ribbing, and cables are exactly what I have been working on these last few weeks, as you can see in my latest cowl pattern being tested now. (Whew, I’m on the right track this season!)


Paging through all these patterns will surely keep us all busy this weekend!

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What is Friday Follow-Up? My Friday Follow-Up is a weekly blog feature. Every Friday, I follow-up the online knitting events of the week with my own take on things.

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