Spotting the kfb Stitch 101

If you, like me, get distracted while knitting and frequently lose your place, you might appreciate this little hint for working the Totally Triangular Scarf. If you can’t remember if it’s time to work the kfb increase or not, (do I work it on this right side row? or did I just work it on the previous right side row? darn, I can’t remember…) learn how to spot it in your knitting. That way, you will know exactly which row you worked it on and which row needs it next.

The kfb increase leaves a little bar in your knitting each time it is worked. It’s not very visible, particularly in garter stitch (which is why I like to use it in garter stitch), but it can be seen if you look for it. Here’s a photo of my Totally Triangular Scarf in progress. The arrows point to the kfb bars. The kfb increase is worked every four rows.

kfbstitchThe above photo shows the right side of the knitting, ready to work a right side row. We are repeating Rows 3 – 6, but did I just work Row 3 or 5? I can’t remember. As you can see by the arrow, I worked Row 6 with the kfb two rows ago, so that means I must have just worked Row 3 and Row 4 is next. Whew. But look at this next photo. Where am I now?

kfbstitch2I can see that I worked Row 6 with the kfb four rows ago, so Row 6 is up next.

Similarly, when you are working the decreases, you can spot the k2tog stitches by looking closely for two stitches knitted together.

I hope these photos help you to identify where your kfbs are in your knitting. It sure helps me to keep track of where I am in the Totally Triangular pattern!

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