It’s a Spring Shawlette!

Here is a beautiful new pattern just in time for spring. It’s a light and airy shawlette: the Zigzag Diamond Shawlette. It is designed in SweetGeorgia CashLuxe Fine and is shown here in Riptide.

This shawlette is worked in one piece from end to end. The lace edging is knit along with the body of the shawl. Only 6 stitches are cast on to begin and increases are worked throughout the setup and increase sections. Then decreases are worked through the decrease and finishing sections to bring the final number of stitches back to 6. The body of the shawl is stockinette stitch and the zigzag diamond lace pattern is super easy to work.

One skein, or approximately 400 yards, of fingering or sock yarn is all that is needed to make this gorgeous shawlette. The size is adjustable though, depending on how much yarn is used. Weigh your yarn ahead of time, using a small kitchen scale. Half will be used for the setup and increase sections and half will be used for the decrease and finishing sections.  Use more yarn to make a larger shawlette, or less to make a smaller one.

Blocking is important to open the lace pattern and to achieve the finished size. If substituting yarn, choose a fibre that blocks well.

IMG_7706My test knitters have created beautiful shawlettes with Madelinetosh Merino Light, KnitPicks Stroll and Stroll Tonal, Malabrigo Finito, Vice Carnal, and SweetGeorgia CashLuxe Fine in Pumpkin. Check them out!


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