Revisiting The Past

With spring in the air I am having a hard time focusing on any significant knitting projects. So I let myself relax and I revisited some quick and easy knits – my original dishcloth patterns. I knitted the Boxy Dishcloth, Copycat Dishcloth, and Snakes & Ladders Washcloth. These patterns are always good for some instant knitting gratification. Plus, I have been wanting to revise and update these original patterns so this motivated me to get it done. When I first wrote these patterns, I had little knowledge of how to write a knitting pattern. They have now been tech edited and tested. And the gauge is now specified in the pattern stitch for each one. They also now follow the same layout as all of my written patterns. Customers can now expect the same quality in my free patterns as they have come to expect in my pay patterns. Here are my finished dishcloths. Click on any photo to view the photo gallery. Go to my free pattern page to download the updated PDFs. Or visit my Ravelry page to see all of my patterns.

Happy knitting!


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